I’ve been doing some soul searching…

I’m in business school right now and have been taking some courses in psychology and find it fascinating.  I’ve never studied human behavior, but I’m very curious to notice people’s behavior and pay attention to the pets or company that they keep.

I find it interesting that most people that have pets, love their pets just like they are part of the family.  Some people are cat people, some are dog people.  While others love birds, snakes, turtles, fish, ferrets, squirrels, raccoons, and I know this one guy that had an iguana that he took everywhere he went.

When I pay attention and start to look deeper, I’m starting to realize that people with pets relate to their animals on emotional levels.  I started this site and named it after our family pet breed.  I’m gonna look further into the breed and study why our family chose this dog.  I will see if this pick was a fluke or if the breed was destined for us.  If my assumptions about people and their pets are right then I would have to say that our family relates to the american black mouth cur, as we love our dog.  My dad has the strongest bond with Allie and he takes her everywhere.  If Allie, doesn’t have a spot in the front, she rides in the back.  If she’s not welcome there then she stays in the truck.  I love Allie, and wish to study a bit more and ask the question, why did we choose Allie or why did she choose us?

I start doing a little research on the breed and find it all to be so true… I felt like I was reading my dog’s horoscope as the qualities of her character are true for the entire breed… then I wondered if dogs had a horoscope.  Thinking about the way that humans have a horoscope because of the way that the stars were aligned when they were welcomed to this world, it made me think of the 6 dogs that came out the litter when Allie was born.  Would they all have the same characteristics of the same zodiac sign???
Idk, but it is something else to explore on a different day.

The american black mouth curs are considered to be smart dogs that learn things the first few times that they are trained.  They don’t need to be told things over and over.  Allie is great to take on duck hunting trips and seems to never let my dad down, though he might be looking to her through rose colored glasses… I don’t really like the loud noise of guns, but Allie doesn’t seem to mind them.  I guess that the noise always surprises me, but my dad says that Allie is just used to it.  He said that if I would pay attention, I could brace myself for the blasts, ha.  Most of the time, I’m just in the blind wanting to be out there in the nature, not much of a hunter.  Anyways, Allie is a good hunting dog so says my dad and his buddies.  I’ve never been hunting with another dog, so I’ll have to take their word for it.  She’s a strong swimmer and seems to not mind the cold so much, it doesn’t get that cold here in Louisiana but its real cold to me, then she jumps in that water.  She wants to get those ducks so bad and seems so proud to bring it back.  Dad takes good care of her though, when we get back to his truck he’s always got a warm towel to wrap her in and an abnormal amount of snacks.  The dogs don’t need much grooming, as they are a short haired breed that love the outdoors and need a yard to run in.  Well, Allie doesn’t have much to worry about when it comes to running.

We live just outside the city of Lafayette on a few acres and don’t really ever have Allie on a leash unless we bring her to Downtown Alive or something like that.  Dad likes to listen to music and mom loves to dance, so we head into town more often than not on the weekends.  Allie likes a schedule and all the younger kids love her.  She’s loyal to my dad and understands that when he’s speaking to her in a certain tone, it’s time to go.  You call her and she comes to you, you feed her and she will play with you.  I’m that this is typical of most pets, but when I give her love, somehow I just know that she gives it back.  She’s a good dog for the “farm” as wikipedia claims that Allie is a dog that is bred as a utility dog or farm dog… My dad always wanted a farm :).

Allie is getting up there in age and I’m sad to say that my research also said that she may only have six to eight good years left.  She is almost 7 years old and the life expectancy of the breed is 12 to 18 years.

I love my dog, and will write more tmrw, gotta get back to the books.

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