Dinner at Zoey’s: The Alchemist

The Alchemsit
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I went to dinner last night at Zoey’s house, her dad Mr. Gary is really successful and their house is really nice.  Zoey is an only child and they don’t have any pets, so it’s nice and quiet so that we can get a lot of work done.

Karen’s mom, Joy, keeps the house really well organized and everything seems to be right on schedule.  Mr. Gary gets in from the office, the dinner is served and we all sit down to eat.  It’s great we can actually sit down together and speak about our days.  Mrs. Joy had us all go around the table and speak about the roses and thorns of the day.  The first time I had dinner with them, I was unprepared as we rarely can get everyone at the table at my house, and when we do, there is no way we can have an adult conversation.

So we went around the table and I shared the fact that I had started a new blog and got it up and running.  Mr. Gary wanted to hear more and asked us loads of questions.  I shared with him the idea of people and their pets, and pointed out that their family didn’t have pets… He quickly responded, we don’t have a whole lotta kids either, and started talking about being flexible with our time and not being weighed down with too many obligations that don’t align with your ultimate goal.  He knew that we were at a point in our life that we were gonna be looking for the next step.  Mr. Gary seems to be  a really smart guy that said for us to use our free time while in school to figure out what we really want to do.  He says that school and grades are important, but life is about the journey.  Be curious and explore so that we lose the fear of wondering what the next step is.  Mr. Gary said to have a plan, but understand that the plan will probably change!  He recommended that we read a book called The Alchemist if we ever got bored reading school books.   So I’m gonna check that book out, and let him know that I may just listen to it, ha!

I’m not sure how a book about turning lead into gold is gonna help me, is what I was thinking.  He said, no its a funny title to a great book about a shepherd boy on a journey.  The book is a very interesting read and you will enjoy it.  Have it read or listened to by next week and we will have some more to speak about.  The book is full of nuggets that you may not get the first time you read it.  If you are ready to hear what the book has to offer then you will find great value in its lessons.  But only if you are bored with school books he said!

I downloaded the audio book anyways and am almost all the way through the book.  Mr. Gary said I would love it!

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