So… I joined a book club!

After reading/listening to “The Alchemist”, and realizing that I may have been living under a rock, I decided to stop watching TV and start reading more books.  Well not really reading, I’ll listen to them since I have a 15 to 20 minute commute to and from School sometimes twice in one day… And if I have dinner at Zoey’s, maybe I’ll have a book for Mr. Gary to checkout.  I picked up Brene Brown’s book “Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Influences the Way we Live” and did a little research on it before I invested my travel times to it… It seems like it will be a great book.  I checked a Ted Talk that she did a while back and it got me intrigued.

She’s a self proclaimed researcher on the subject of guilt and shame…  She also claims to be a researcher/storyteller.  The audio book was under $12 on ibooks and its only 4 hours long at 2 times audio.  I started listening to my books faster to save time and still through the material.  At times, I slow it down, because I’ve noticed that if I get a call while driving, the person on the other end of the line isn’t ready to hear the words sprint out of my mouth… It’s like my brain is working so fast to listen that it speaks at that same speed.

I started to put my phone on do not disturb to avoid this problem… My mom called earlier, and gave me a lecture on not drinking too much coffee… I laughed out loud and told her that I only had one cup, but had been listening to a book on 2x speed, she had never heard of a book on tape but loved the fact that I kept my curiosity about the world outside of just my school books.

I can’t wait to get through this book over the weekend and tell you guys more about it.  Let me know if you have ever read this book and leave a comment if you think I would like another book.

I read somewhere that the average person reads one book a year, but the average millionaire reads up to one book a week.  I don’t care that much about material things, but how many people could I help if I were a millionaire???  I guess that’s why Dad said to go to business school… Mr. Gary is successful and he seems to be well read, and he owns lots of businesses.  I think that I am on the right path, worst case I’ll know a lot more than I did before I started reading, or should I say not wasting time listening to the radio.


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