Well there is that…

Getting Kicked Out Isn’t Fun!

We recently went to Florida for spring break.  Some of us are old enough to drink but not the most of us, so getting drinks at the bar was a struggle at first.  Then we seemed to go a bit overboard.  We found a group of guys, Lee, Kevin, Blake, Andy, and Chad.  Chad didn’t have too much money, but out of the group of us he was the only one that had the 21 year old ID.  We were at AJ’s and it was slammed.  So we would feed Chad with a few bucks and he would go order a pitcher for the whole lot of us.  The beer was always cold and we didn’t bother with glasses.  That pitcher didn’t have a chance to make it across the dance floor.  Karen’s friend that she ended up kissing later that night was the one who ended up getting us in trouble.  He was a bit drunk and swiftly grabbed the pitcher out of Andy’s hand and spilled it all over a couple girls not in the group.  By that point I think that we must have all had shared more than 10 pitchers.  Lee was the guy that wanted to drink the most.  He was polite and went to apologize but it was too late.  We all got kicked out.  Luckily, my friends and I had walked towards the bathrooms.

We felt bad, we walked out to see Lee and the bouncer walking out together but Lee didn’t seem to be letting up.  It took two or three of them to get him to leave, so Karen and I waited to see if there was anything that we could do.  I promised not to post any of the pics, so I kinda want to keep this under the radar.  None of those guys really know that I am a blogger, but Karen doesn’t really want me to ruin any chances that she might have with the guy.  Anyways, the cops showed up and I here them speaking to Andy and Lee asking for their ID’s, etc.  Lee is playing stupid and I hear him saying that he doesn’t have any ID.  The cops aren’t gonna let him get off that easy.  The lady cop looks at the bouncer and asks, “Well how did you get in then… LET ME CHECK YOUR POCKETS” as Lee raises his arms, saying “Check’em”.   Too funny, she reaches in his back pocket and pulls out his ID, “Well What’s THIS??”

Lee smiles and says, “Well there is THAT!”   She cuffs him and we head home.  He was booked, spent the afternoon and went to spring break court.  He got the charges expunged after a day of community service riding around picking up trash.  It was the day we were supposed to leave, but Karen decided to stay back and I didn’t mind, because Andy said that he would take us all home.  What a great group of guys… My dad doesn’t know but we had fun!

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