Who is Juliet?

I’m just a girl, with a big family from Lafayette, Louisiana, making her way through life curious with more than the average amount of questions.  I’m currently attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and I’m following my dad’s advice.  I’m majoring in Business Administration as my dad is always wanting me to start my own business one day.

I’m the oldest in my family and the first in my extended family to finish college.  I have some older cousins that have attended but somehow get side tracked.  ULL is close to home, so I can stay close to my family.  My family is very important to me, and I look forward to blogging about my journey over these next 3 years.  We all have facebook and instagram, but that’s not a place that I can really share my thoughts.  I’m on a mission to finish school to get that out of the way and find purpose here on this planet. I want to make a difference, not just a paycheck.  I’m a bit frightened when I think about what I will do when I get out of college.  Hopefully me writing my thoughts will give me clarity as to what I want to do when I graduate.  On mission to find my direction through observation.  I understand that our greatest teachers are our family and that everyone and everything in our life is here for a reason.  I believe in the law of attraction and the power of intention.  I love my family including our dog Allie, she’s an american black mouth cur and is a sweetheart.  I look forward to sharing my observations as I journey through my 20’s with the world and my children as my audience.  If no one reads it or if everyone reads it, its my world, my observations, my thoughts, from my perception.

If you have any questions or would  like to reach out, visit my contact page.