My Thoughts on The Alchemist

Wow, what a great book… I’m not sure why I’ve never heard of this book.  After listening and letting it suck me in, I wanted to spread the word.  It turns out that this book is a internationally known and translated into over 65 languages selling over 145 million copies.  After finding these facts I feel like I was living under a rock, ha.  Then I realized that I am curious to learn more.  My mind is young :).

I’m not in love with giving a book report, or am I all about giving the story away…

I feel like it should be a required reading for freshmen in college or a graduation present to anyone that has just graduated high school.

I posted a link to order the book on tape yesterday… if you wanna listen you go here.

The book will relate to almost anyone, the person who is exploring and the person that is grounded.  Its speaks about the nomadic shepherd and the storekeeper, the psychology behind their decisions to chose the way they make money, and pointed out the way one looks at the other pasture and sees it as greener at times.

At one point the main character sells everything he owns and walks into a world where he doesn’t know a soul or the language… Continue reading “My Thoughts on The Alchemist”